Monday, July 14, 2008

Say it with funny t shirts

I downloaded a new horoscope widget onto my Nokia N82 the other day. I'm a LEO, and this is what my horoscope read yesterday. "You're felling pretty great today, but if anyone close is in a bad mood, you might get dragged down to that level all too easily. Rise above the pettiness, if possible --you dont have to go there". I'm not one that believes in horoscope reading and such, but it can be fun to read them each day. I dont know how far true those predictions can be, but what i read yesterday sounds quite true.

Hubby got flakked by his dad for nothing on Saturday night for nothing. It's all his sister's fault for bringing his dad a late night supper that night. He had some brandy and was just about to go to bed. But you know, a supper from his favorite daughter must not go to waste and so, he ate it. Then, he found it difficult to sleep thereafter. Hubby was playing the Wii at the living hall with Malcolm. His dad made up a stupid excuse and blamed him for causing him to lose sleep as it's noisy when indigestion is the main cause of it. BAHHHHHHH.

The TV volume was so low that it can hardly be heard. Malcolm wasnt even making noise but was playing by himself. Hubby got pissed and came back to the room with Malcolm. After my FIL left the house later on, we found that he had unplugged the tv and Wii from the wall socket and he even went and hide the multi-socket too. What a childish act. Think we're kids or what. See, this is how life is here at times. Really sucks, i tell you.

It's just too bad i cant retaliate or something like that. Ya, his house, he rules, ptui. A friend told me i can actually voice my displeasure without being vocal about it. The same thing happened to her some time back and she went and order some funny t shirts with appropriate wordings online and wore them everyday as a form of silent protest. I'll do just that. I'll buy a dozen each for hubby, the kids and myself and wear them everyday until he gets the message.

Isnt this the most appropriate one, lol. Oh, there are more good ones. This is my favorite and the best way for me to vent my frustration without any verbal exchange of words. You want to buy some, you go click on the link in the above paragraph. I've already discussed with hubby and we're planning to move out soon. I think i've had enough of living in a place which i dont have a sense of belonging at all.


Alex said...

I support you all the way. I made the decision to move out when my kid was born. Too much stress having your own mother hovering over during feeding time. Apart from that, making non value add comments in everything. I guess that this is their way of expressing their love which is quite misleading and stressful at all times.

Raynebow said...

Eh, i love that t-shirt...LOL! Good way to protest, silently!

Samm said...

alex - ya, shitty place to stay. Fark the advice also lah. i didnt ask in the first place. Why bother giving, haimai

raynebow - ya, you want some too, lol.