Monday, July 14, 2008

A hungry kid and chisin MIL

I spent the better half of my precious productive working hours listening to friend blabbering away at yet another MLM plan this afternoon. To cut it short, i'm retired from MLM. In fact, both hubby and i ARE. We've moved on. The meeting lasted until 3.30pm. The sky was dark and gloomy and shows signs it's about to pour anytime. Left with about 15 minutes to go pick Gordon up, we decided against going back home. It's just nearby anyway.

I suggested to hubby we can use the time to go tapau some food before picking him up. But upon reaching the foodcourt, we were informed that the kitchen wasnt ready yet. As it's about to rain, i then told hubby i'll make Gordon some egg toast back home. Once i got Gordon into the bathroom, i went about cracking eggs and getting bread ready for the pan. Wont take more than 10 minutes to dish something up. MIL was also getting ready to cook and when she saw me preparing food for Gordon, her face turned black.

Who cares lah. The eggs and bread were ready and i went about making egg toast for Gordon. By the time food's ready, Gordon's all dressed and waiting at the table inside the bedroom. He was so happy when he saw his favorite egg toast and sang as he ate. MIL walked past the bedroom and complaint, "Eat bread can lah, no need to eat rice lah...." and walked off, LOL. Who knows what time she cooks. Mood tou sei. Sometimes cook, most of time, no. Lidis also want to show face color. You say chi9sin or not. End of bedtime story. Good night.

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