Saturday, July 26, 2008

Google PR update ongoing now

Sigh.... i see a big fat zero again for this blog. This happened during the last Google PR update but went back up to PR2 again about a week later. I dont know if it'll survive this round of update. I doubt also. But what the heck. PR only matters when one is selling links or writing paidposts. For those of you who are new to this industry, let me tell you this. Everyone is out to buy PR links. No PR no talk, k. But if you are writing paidposts on your PR blog, then expect it to get smacked to 0, period. If you are a 0 to begin with, then also forget about gaining any in the near future.

I'm seeing a PR4 and some PR3 on some of my other blogs. And also a drop for some. I win some, i lose some. But i keep my fingers and toes crossed for those that gained, hope they stay that way. For those that dropped, hope they bounce back to before. Haih, i'm so gonna be stressed till things stabilized. Till then. It's the weekend, and i think i should take a good rest. Need some time off to think of a new work plan. Something that will give me a more stable five figure income without me having to lose sleep every night. Ok, taking the kids out. You folks have a good weekend too.

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