Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Important things to do before moving into a new house

I just finished listing down some important items we have to buy when we move out next time. It's best to plan ahead as i hate doing things at the very last minute. Oh, i may be great at troubleshooting and things like that. Afterall, i'm an ex-interior designer and certified project manager by profession. I know how to move house in less than 24 hours time. Done that many times before, lol. Really nothing much, just a bit stressed at the end of the day.

Life is very much different now as i have two kids in tow. Those days when there were only the both of us, we can get things done so much faster. I've made a rough estimation that we need at least 50k to move into a new place. And that's only to buy all the essential items, nothing frivolous at all. Hubby also said we have to allocate some funds to treat the house for mold, termites and other pests. We used to engage specialists to carry out all these for our customers.

I remember my uncle telling us he hired some mold removal specialist to treat his home before he moved into last time. Oh, that's because he bought an old house. See, that's the thing with old houses. You have to make sure that the house is safe to live in. I'm sure you've heard of people falling ill after moving to a new place, right. Old folks and very young children fall ill easily if the living environment isnt conducive for them.

Therefore, it's imperative to take the extra step and get your house inspected and treated before moving in. I've left the link to the Mold Removal Services company here for your convenience. If you suspect your house has mold, contact them. They will ensure that your house is safe to live in. You may want to save the link or bookmark this useful website for your future reference.

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