Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Have you cruised on a street legal scooter before?

I'm sure most of you would have noticed the Oil price widget on my right sidebar. Does it make your heart beat faster each time you see it with the arrow pointing up. With rumors of impending war breaking out somewhere in the Middle-East soon, i think price of oil will only go higher and higher and higher. If this is indeed true, i wonder how much we have to pay in order to get around in our car.

I had a short discussion with hubby early this evening. I told him if possible, it's best that we stay within walking distance to shops next time. That way, we dont have to drive around so much and can save a lot on petrol alone. It's not easy to find a suitable place, you know. Gordon likes his school very much and i cant switch him to another one just like that. He's different from other kids, k.

We'll have to keep looking and hopefully find a place that's near his kindy for the time being. Then, we must list down the items we have to buy in order to move into a new place. Let's not forget we'll have to buy a new car too. My cousin heard me ranting about how much we had to fork out on petrol alone each month and told me i can save on petrol by using a Street Legal Scooters.

He lives near the shops and only drives to work. Apart from that, he scoots everywhere around the neighborhood on his mini scooter. The saving may not be much at first. But after some calculations, he found that he saved close to 200 bucks after comparing his petrol bills over a course of three months. That's a lot of money. I can use that for other monthly expenses like grocery items and utility bills.

And this is how his scooter looks like. The scooter is easy to store with the Folding Lock-n-Carry Mechanism. He says it's very simple to operate. He only needs to pull the handle to unlock the scooter, then fold it down. It has an over-sized foot plate and he can stand on it as he cruises to the nearby shops. He says i can buy Street Legal Scooters at AbsoFabScooters .com for $399. There another at $319 too. Interested in getting one?

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