Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's go now, Mama

Soon, Malcolm will be big enough to open the gates by himself. He can already flip the handle up and down. Gordon knows how to open it but wont dare to if i'm outside with him. I've told hubby to buy a lock with those numbers where you can punch the passcode to lock it, dunno what you call it lah. Just a lock for the gate to prevent the kids from running off onto the road. You know, the field opposite the house is very tempting with the swing there. My nboy, he's so cute with the hat on.


Raynebow said...

Ehh...this place looks familiar wor ;-)

reanaclaire said...

still learning, sifu.. just this morning so frustrated, till now too..dont know what SS wanted, said my link is not there in the lasik tech.. i checked and rechecked, their required links are there ma.. so darn sien.. perhaps u can help me after talking so much??? Sifu?? thanks.. :))