Thursday, July 24, 2008

Buy cheap used WiiFit

When i pre-ordered my Wii Fit, i as told it will cost me rm599. Yesterday, the fler called me up again and said it now cost rm680 worr. Wei, that's a big difference leh. Hubby also a bit pissed when he heard about the price and asked me to go buy used Wii Fit instead. I have nothing against buying a used Wiifit since many people only use it a few times. If i can buy cheap used WiiFit online, so much the better.

You know, gadgets, they come, they go. Gamers get tired of it, it takes up space, and they decide to sell it off to make room for more new gadgets. So, who benefits? People like us lah. The Wii Fit is touted as one of the best thing that's ever been developed by Nintendo Wii for working out in the comfort of one's home. Whether new or used Wii Fit, as long as i buy cheap used WiiFit that's still in good condition, who cares. Less heartache if my kids break it.

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