Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cant decide

It's hard to make Malcolm sit in his stroller these days. Gordon is alright in his as long as he has the PSP with him. Malcolm will attempt to climb out a lot. And he did just that when we walked past the toys department the other day and ran all the way to his favorite Megablok section. Malcolm loves car-car, just like his Papa, and Megabloks has so many new ones. Wow, what a difficult task for my boy.

I stood by and watch, fanning myself with my Platinum Credit Card, whilst hubby helped him out. Willing him to hurry up as Parkson's about to close. Gordon reached out for a few toys around him but put them back onto the shelves soon after. What can be more interesting than the PSP, huh. Not forgetting the brand new Wii leh, haimai. Haih, me and my Gadget Boy, lol. We share the same interests.

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