Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Last teabag

What you see here is my very last Revolution Green Tea teabag. I have a few more varieties, but i love this Revolution Green Tea best. It's a gift from a close friend when she came back for a holiday. Thanks, Dawn. I enjoyed every single one till the last drop. No more liao. Gotta go buy more Revolution Green Tea jorrr. Too bad cant find any here. But, there's always the internet. Dont we just love online shopping, lol. All we need is the 16 numbers on a little piece of plastic. And the three secret digits at the back, haimai. Say yes to online shopping. Say yes to Revolution Green Tea!!!!

1 comment:

2crazydogs said...

hahaha,finished liao? i finished mine too. Trying out all other kinds here plus all the other ones my dad gave me - those Chinese, Chinese ones.

Wnat more, kah??