Thursday, July 10, 2008

Expensive lunch

Bah, dunno what made hubby decide to eat here today. I've never been to this Hainanese Chicken Rice shop in all my life. Situated somewhere on the way to Sam Tet Primary School. The rows of shops opposite Robin Spa Ipoh. Aiya, all the humsup lows will know where Robin Spa Ipoh is, k. A miserable drumstick with the plate of rice costs Rm5.30. Oh yes, there's soup for two. I got suckered into parting with Rm4 bucks for some double-boiled sea coconut dessert. Niamah. Not gonna eat there ever.


Wendy said...

one word to describe the food = expensive!!!

reanaclaire said...

yeah, i already blogged about that hainam shop earlier .. its too darn expensive...never going there again.. anyway, customers are scarce too... so u know i know lahhhh..

Samm said...

wendy - hailor, chisin wan

reanaclaire - that shop, horrr... accepts credit cards wwann. So, you know lah when someone skali gets slapped a hefty bill, no choice but to pay with credit card. Hubby been there with his business partners (ex) before, and he had to foot the WHOPPING bill, knn