Friday, July 18, 2008

The blogaholic in me is back

I've decided to go back to burning the midnight oil again. Making money online is really not that easy as many of you think it is. A typical day for me is i work till maybe 6am, head back to bed, sleep till 11am, get up get the kids ready for school, out to lunch, maybe banking or do some other chores, come back, nap if time permits, pick Gordon up from school at 4pm, take him for food, come back bathe him, then pick Malcolm up from daycare, nap again till around 9pm, and another workday begins, you get the drift.

Of cos, hubby is always here to help if my schedule is really busy like having to speed post 100 posts in a day that kinda thing. I can come back to start work right after lunch and he will take care of the rest like pick Gordon up and yadda yadda yadda. Haih, busy as hell. I'm always like this whenever i see improvement in my new venture. One cannot depend on a single stream of income when online. It's always good to branch out and try new things. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained. I'm such a blogaholic at times.

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