Thursday, July 17, 2008

My latest project is making me money!!!

It's now almost 7am and i'm still up blogging away. I've been going through my stats since 2am and came across something that just made me want to continue with my research. One of my experimental sites is making me money and i want to find out more about what is it thatis actually brought in the cash. If i can, i want to improve on the site and duplicate my success. The earnings may not be much now, but it's a starting point. With more effort, i believe it'll reward me handsomely over time. I made a promise to myself early this year. I told hubby we'll go on a vacation the moment i hit my third targeted earnings for the year.

Yes, my third. I set my goals in stages. This way, i dont over-stress myself and yet, have time to explore new things. I'm happy with my achievement for the first half of the year so far. I hope by third quarter, i'll reach my third goal. I've asked hubby where he wants to go and he suggested Mexico Beach Vacations this time. Sounds good. Mexico has good weather all year round. The kids will enjoy themselves immensely running all over the beach. Anyone here been to Mexico before? I'm sure many of you will go on a vacation during year ends.

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