Sunday, July 20, 2008

The bitter pill

When i was a kid, i was very afraid of falling ill. Reason being, each time i'm ill, mom will take me to the doctor. Half the time, there will be pills for me to take. I'll cry and whine each time i have to take my medication. I cant refuse. I'll feel even worse if i dont take my medication. Of course, the bitter pill works wonders. Once i've taken it, i'll feel well again. And life goes on.

Today, i'm presented with another bitter pill to take. It's not in a physical form, but i have no choice but to swallow it. Or shall i just say it's literally shoved down my throat this time. I cant struggle, i cant decline, i dont have a say in it. I'm trapped, in other words. And i dont like it at all. I had a feeling this will come eventually, but the timing just isnt right at all. Life really sucks at this point of time.

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Michelle said...


yes! life sucks for me too now. =(

"Once i've taken it, i'll feel well again and life goes on."

hope you will feel well pretty soon. =)