Friday, July 11, 2008

Our mailbox is leaking

The house down the road is under renovation. I dont know them but my mother-in-law does. I think she knows everyone that lives nearby. Well, she's been living here for more than thirty years. Me, i've only been back here for about eight years or so. Cant really remember.

Coming back to the topic of renovation. My mother-in-law went over to the house to take a look at it. When she came back, she told hubby the owner was going through some brochures and trying to decide on which mailboxes, address plagues and house numbers best suit her house decor best.

As for our mailbox, it leaks. Maybe she wants to change ours too. Each time it rains, our mail gets wet. She's very picky. We'll just leave it up to her to decide if she wants to get it changed or not. If you are renovating your house, then go check out these whitehall products like mailboxes, house numbers and address plagues are of high quality and will last you a lifetime.

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