Thursday, June 26, 2008

Preggie Pops - Organic Lozenges for morning sickness

A friend called up to ask me if i know of any place selling Organic Lozenges for pregnant moms to help ease morning sickness naturally. Best if it's drug free and also doctor recommended. I must be one of the lucky ones who've never experienced morning sickness throughout my two pregnancies. She says it's a terrible feeling and she's hunched over the toilet bowl each morning and after breakfast too. Gee, i just hope i wont ever get pregnant again *keeps all toes and fingers crossed*

As far as i know, there arent that many organic pregnancy lozenges for pregnant moms around. But i've heard of Preggie Pops before. Preggie Pops are naturally flavored and specially formulated lozenges for pregnant women to help ease morning sickness. It's made from a combination of essential oils and has aromatherapy properties. Some of the benefits of sucking on Preggie Pops are it helps to alleviate dry mouth, provides quick calories and energy during labor, and its a very soothing and comforting way to help pregnant women with their morning sickness woes. Preggie Pops are natural, drug free and healthcare provider recommended.

If you want organic pregnancy lozenges to help ease morning sickness, then Preggie Pop Drops Organic may be what you are looking for. These organic lozenges are so pure that it carries a Kosher certification and made in the USA. It's not easy to obtain a Kosher certification, you know. If i have morning sickness, i'll stock up on these Preggie Pop Drops Organic and carry them with me all the time and place them around the house in convenient locations too. They are the best and safest organic way for pregnant moms to ease morning sickness. Pregnancy should be the best time for a woman. Dont let morning sickness take the fun out of these first few months. Enjoy it with some Preggie Pop Drops Organic, ya.

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