Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Gadget Queen has new toy!!!

Ok, confession time. I mentioned i'm in the mood for a new gadget earlier, remember? I've almost given up on the thought when my PSP's X button suddenly went dead. What to do. Take it back to Yik Foong where i bought it for repair. I was smart and took a different route. *Samm sooooo clever*

I dont want to walk past the yarn store and end up a few Ks poorer. I'm pretty addicted to buying more and more yarn, more than i can knit. I still have a lot of new yarn under my bed, but no time to start new projects yet. *slaps self*

Back to my PSP. I kissed the ground and thanked God profusely as the repair only cost me 35 bucks to change the rubber pad beneath the button. Not bad, hoh. But the final bill came up to errrr...... 2468 bucks, WTF!!! As i had to wait for the guy to fix my PSP, i got one of them to setup the Nintendo Wii for me to play.

And Diu lorr, i was hooked. Hubby also hooked. What to do.... buy lorrr. The amount is for the Nintendo Wii and another set of PSP slim. In Lavender this time. Now can do head to head battle with Gordon liao, fuyohhhhh!!!!! GENG!!!!! Haih... such is the life of a Gadget Queen.

Good also, can sit home all day long and play play play play play. No need to get out of the house already. Save money, save petrol, save save save. You say i sott or not. And i ordered the WiiFit too. Will buy it once the shop has stock. Who wants to play Wii online with me?

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