Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to recover virility and manhood?

Did you read about a candy that claims to give your lil brother a boost in performance a few days back. Anyway, it's actually a warning as the candy will cause a host of health problems if taken in large quantities. And since they call it a candy, your kids might pop one or two in their mouth without you knowing it. So, if you've bought the candy, do throw it away. It contains unregistered drugs in it to make the lil brother stand, okay. Read the labels. Anything ending with "....nafil" is a strict no-no here without doctor's prescription.

The other day, i overheard a man talking to his friends how you can Recover your virility and manhood with Viagra. Ahhh, that's what men talk when they group together. Girls, football, and their lil brother's performance, lol. One of them was having some ED problems and his doctor prescribed him Viagra. He was complaining how expensive it is to buy Viagra here but had to as it's the only thing that works for him. Another one was talking about how Qigong works for him. And the whole gang cracked up in laughter. Anyway, remember to see your doctor if your lil brother needs help getting up. Forget about those ED candies, k.

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