Sunday, June 01, 2008

Out of yarn

Whilst waiting for hubby who's gone to buy some grocery items from Cold Storage, i worked on my cream crochet bolero. I was sitting at this very same table last night too, also doing my crochet. You can go visit my knitting blog to see where i was before my yarn ran out. Forgot to stuff a new ball of yarn into my bag. This is how far i got, not bad worr. Malcolm's knitted striped pants is in my bag too, but i've got more shopping to do. That can wait till i'm in the car.

Cool gadget boy with Sony PSP

Gordon has gone to LocoRoco land with my brand new set of Sony retractable headphones, blissful and giggling away at each new level he conquers. Patrons walking past our table stared at him in awe. Kids all envious of my ultra cool and handsome gadget boy with his purple Sony PSP. That's how life is when you have a gadget queen for a mom. I have a new gadget in mind now. Any idea what i'll be buying next?

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