Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swing-swing first

Getting Gordon into the car for school can be a real pain at times. I dont understand why hubby just cannot keep an eye on the blardy gates. It's the only thing that keeps the kids from danger. We do have a swing at the porch, and each day before we get into the car, Gordon will want to sit on it for a while, and also ride on his bicycle. Can be a chore of you are hard pressed for time, you know. And today, he opened the gates and ran across the field to the swing, niamah. The weather's so hot and i had to wrestle him off the swing. Yayaya... see how happy he is. Happy until shoe also came off.

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wennie said...

Gordon is cute! I find that you are really a great mom! I like to read yr blog too, you so real, yr information is great. keep up!