Thursday, May 22, 2008

Schoolbreak next week!!!!

I just realised that's it's been more than ten months since we took the kids for a vacation. And it was only when i went to pick Gordon up from school that i got to know that schoolbreak starts next Monday. NEXT MONDAY!!!! My GAWD!!!! That's only three freaking days away. I'm so gonna freak out with Gordon home for two whole weeks. No wonder my MIL wants to send the car for paintwork next Monday, lol. Looks like she knows more about when school breaks for holidays than i do. I think it's hubby's niece who told her. I heard they are going to Australia next week. Wuah, how lucky. Get to go overseas for holidays at such a young age. Me, i work part-time during my school holidays when i was her age. No overseas trip for me. That explains the brochures for Sheraton Hotels, Rydges Hotels, Travelodge and Radisson Hotels strewn all over the living hall coffee table. Ahhhh, i'll keep those and show them to hubby when he gets back from his KL trip. Who knows.... he just might want to take us for a holiday too. 

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