Friday, May 02, 2008

Read this important Quinny Zapp review

This will be the longest review on Quinny Zapp i've ever written. I've been using the Quinny Zapp for more than one year. A reader left a comment in one of my post expressing his intention on buying the Quinny Zapp for his baby today. It reads:

saw u in the papers the other day and thought i'd check u seems like u are fellow ipohite. anyway just saying hi......i gotta go into your quinny link.....i think they're pretty cool....gonna get one for my soon to be coming first born. bye

I have this to say about the Quinny Zapp. If you are buying it for your newborn, do know that you wont be able to use it until your baby is at least a year old. If you insist on buying the Quinny Zapp, you'll also have to buy the Maxi Cosi baby carseat which can be fitted onto it in order for baby to use it. The carseat can only be used until your baby turns 18 months old.

Another thing about the Quinny Zapp is that it doesnt come with any underseat shopping basket. This may make you want to hang your diaper bag on the handles which is a big no-no. The construction of the Quinny Zapp is high, and any additional weight at the top will make it topple backwards easily. Well, you can always buy Quinny Zapp shopping basket at ebay.

Each time we dine out with Gordon in the Quinny Zapp, i make 100% sure that i place one foot on the front wheel or side bar just in case that fler throws a tantrum and sit back strongly against his seat. The force will also topple the Quinny Zapp backwards. He's done it before. And if he leans forward too much, or tried to pick something up from the floor, the single wheel will cause it to off-balance too.

Another thing about the Quinny Zapp is that it's a single position stroller. Since it cannot recline, a young child may not be able to nap in it comfortably. You can see from the pic that Gordon is all curled up in it. Moreover, it doesnt have back support. Therefore, it's really not suitable for a young kid. It's okay for a big kid like Gordon. has five-point harness. A must for all strollers, in my opinion.

Malcolm's Mothercare Jive stroller on the other hand, has a good back support board and he can sit there comfortably. It can also recline for a comfortable nap. That's why i seldom let him sit in the Quinny Zapp. Apart from all these, the Quinny Zapp is a dream stroller to use and own. It's so compact once folded that you can tuck it into a corner of the car boot leaving ample space for other items.

The Quinny Zapp's mechanism is of the best quality. The wheel bearings are so smooth that a slight push with your pinky will move it. You wont ever feel it's weight. It can go up the escalator if you are the kind who does that. But dont ever attempt to go down the escalator with your baby in the Quinny Zapp. Use the elevator instead. Or take baby out.

You can go down the escalator easily with a single hand holding the Quinny Zapp since it's so light. Well, practice makes perfect but dont blame me for any accident that may occur IF you choose to do it this way. But if you have a diaper bag to carry, then i'd say forget it. Another thing you have to get used to is people admiring your Quinny Zapp. It's a really hot-looking stroller afterall. Hope this Quinny Zapp review helps.

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