Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mickey and gang watching Winne The Pooh

A daily scene of the bedroom. Gordon lined up all his toys on the bed as he wanted them watch Winne The Pooh VCD with him. For once, Malcolm didnt throw them off the bed one by one. If not, Gordon is sure to pounce on him, and there'll be lot so crying, lol. He just jumped off the bed when i took this pic. I have a lot of work to do today. Gotta rush Gordon off to school as soon as possible.

Hubby wanted to go to Jaya Jusco to look for vintage sunglasses but i told him to take Malcolm along instead so that i do my work in peace. I just called to remind him that Malcolm still havent had his lunch and told him to buy him bread. I hope my work gets done by the time Gordon comes home. May be taking him out for Sushi later on. Neh, that Sushi King Rm2 bonanza. Today last day, haimai. See how lah.

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