Saturday, April 12, 2008

I like the Sony Bravia W400 Series LCD TV very much

Have you seen the latest Sony Bravia W400 Series LCD tv? It's on display at the mall and i went to check it out the other day. It's by far one of the most beautiful LCD tv in the market. Hubby says he likes it very much and asked me if i like it or not. Of course i do, but the thing is, i feel that 40 inches is a tad too big for our bedroom. We only have a viewing distance of about 10 feet or so.

The salesman says for such a distance, it's best that we buy a 32 inch model or at the most, a 37 inch one. But the Sony W400 Series only comes in 40 inches and above, sulk. Not like i'm going to sit and watch my favorite tv programs at the living hall. The place is so stuffy out there. I prefer to watch tv inside the comfort of my air-conditioned bedroom. We'll decide on what size to buy later on.

Anyway, we checked out some TV Stands when we got back home. Hubby sys we will need a TV Stand if we were to buy a new tv this time. No problem with me. He likes these Audio Video Towers and told me his cousin has a similar one too. Not bad. But, let us decide whether to buy the Sony W400 Series LCD tv back or not first. The TV stand can come later.

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