Saturday, March 22, 2008

My creative kids

I'm not feeling too well today. Down with a flu and also a bad cough. It's raining now. Just waiting for it to stop and head off to my dad's 77th birthday dinner. Gotta drive a zillion miles to reach the restaurant. No, i dont drive. I just need to rest at the back of the car nursing Malcolm all the way to the restaurant.

I didnt do much this afternoon. Just watched my kids play from the recliner. Gordon loves to line things up. And his latest fad is his shoes. So many pairs, eh. See how creative he is. Malcolm the Godzilla, enjoys destroying his Kor-kor's creations, lol. Naughty boy. But to Malcolm, it looks more like a racetrack to him and he loves to run his car-car round and round it.

Here's a top view of what he's just finished. I ran back to my room to get my N73 as soon as he finished. If i dont hurry up and snap, the little Godzilla will come a stomping and the formation will be all over the place in no time. And there'll be lots of screaming and crying and yelling and pushing and and and and.... AAAATTTCCHHOOOOO!!!!

Have a nice weekend all :)

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L B said...

OMG, he's got more shoes than me!!