Friday, March 21, 2008

Come take a look at my business card with logo design

I'm really getting tired of friends asking me to write down my websites for them so that they can visit them. Wei.... not that easy lah. My websites are already nearing the three digit mark and i cant even keep track of them myself, lol. How to write down for them. Not that i am lansi, but i really dont think they will enjoy some of those boring niches on topics like organic living and god-knows-what-else catches my fancy when i created them. And i really dont think they understand what working blogs are. Nor do i have the time to explain to them.

Well, of course, i do have a few which i dont write paid reviews on them, like my food blog and also my hobby blog. Those are just a few of my few blogs which i can proudly show off, lol. The rest, dont bother. Much too deep for their understanding, wakakakaka. So, i think to make life easier, i've created a simple name card where i can list my blogs down at the back. SO, each time they ask me to name my blogs, i just hand them each a card. Nice?

Or how about a more minimalist style? Both also nice, hoh. Difficult to pick... hmmmm. By the way, i remember someone once asked me where to create business card with logo design online. Well, i did this at logoyes dot com. It has a simple interface, all drag and drop only. Change the color, change the font and you can preview it in different layouts. Really idiot-proof. Aiya, you go and have fun trying it out, i've already provided the link, k. So, dont say i didnt tell you where to create business card with logo design online.

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