Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gordon's favorite Japanese desert

Gordon can now open the safety gate to the kitchen. He went in and ransacked the fridge when i was busy with work. Hubby's cooking fried rice for us. Gordon came back into the bedroom with the last packet of Fruit Che Japanese Dessert with Milk which i bought from Cold Storage sometime back and plonked it down right in front of me with his cup wants me to make him his favorite Japanese desert.

I told him he can have it after he's eaten what Papa has prepared for him which he did at lightning speed, lol. After checking the last carton of milk and it passed the "still-edible" test, Gordon got to eat his Japanese desert. If you havent tried this Japanese milk desert before, you can read up on How to prepare Fruit Che Japanese Dessert with Milk at Organic Samm. Trust me, you're gonna love it!!!

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