Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I need my Starbucks greentea blend fix now

Tiu, telecom must think i sit home all the time. They called me right from my front door when i was still out at Starbucks yesterday. Gee, i love Starbucks greentea blend. Can never have enough of it. I told them if they can wait, i'll be home in an hour's time. Too bad they cant and i fixed another appointment with them at 4.30pm afterwards. What to do, continue sipping my Starbucks greentea blend and work lohhh.

Damn, i wasnt able to work properly without a fast line since yesterday cos for reasons known only to Maxis, my area is without 3g signals again, nmfl. So, you know what speed EDGE can be lah. Farking slow and the line gets cut off half the time cos i had far too many tabs reloading all the time. 5 more hours to go. I'll survive. Yerrrr... cant go to Starbucks today. No Starbucks greentea blend for me lohhh. Malcolm is going to miss his Starbucks greentea blend too....

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