Friday, February 01, 2008

Poker during Chinese New Year

I can see that my uncle is very busy these days. We invited him over for dinner last weekend but he says he'd rather stay home and play online casino with his friends instead. He wants to practice playing poker so that he can win lots and lots of money during Chinese New Year. I bet there are many people who are just like my uncle. Now how many of you like to play at online casinos? It's fairly easy these days. All you need is a computer and you can play all day and all night, lol. Yayaya, as long as we have internet connection, my uncle will be at his favorite online casino everyday. He's retired and spends lots of time online. What about poker. I think there are many who plays poker. Can you play poker. I've not played for a long time and i bet i'll only lose money at the poker table if i were to play. I'll leave it to hubby to help me win all the money this year.

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