Saturday, February 02, 2008

Do you like rugby?

When i was just a kid, i used to watch rubgy on tv with my vrother. He's agreat fan of rugby and though it's not a common sport here in my country, i feel that it's still a fascinating sport to watch. I enjoy seeing those hunks with their uniforms smashing into each other chasing for the ball. My brother says he enjoys watching his rugby dream team from France. He follows their progress in the newspaper and also online.

My friend's kid is also with his school rugby team and each time we chat on MSN, she will tell me how he wins his games. But she whines all the time that his uniform is very dirty and needs to be washed individually in the washing machine, lol. She told me he loves to follow his favorite rugby team online at If you are a huge fan of rubgy, then the website i mentioned just now will be a great place for you to find information. I think that's where my brother gets updates on his favorite rugby team too. Check it out, ya.

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