Friday, February 01, 2008

The best baseball gloves

We are invited to my friend's kid's baseball match this weekend. He's with the school team and has been practicing for a long long time. He plays a lot with his dad. My friend lives in a house with a huge backyard. So, it's easy for them to practise. Too bad ours is not big enough and has a lot of mosquitoes flying around. I dont really like my kids playing in the garden especially in the evenings. That's when all the Aedes mosquitoes comes out to bite. A kid was hospitalised once for Dengue and nearly died. So, now you know why i'm so paranoid over mozzies around my kids.

My friend told me her hubby promised their kid a pair of new baseball glove after the baseball match. He's going to try his best to win for his team. My brother-in-law was a baseball player and also represented his school before. Won lots of matches too. He says in order to play well in baseball, the most important item is the baseball glove. It has to be fitted and comfortable. If you want to buy the best Baseball Gloves for your kids, then do hop over to site i linked to here and check out those baseball gloves they have. I'm sure you'll be able to buy a good one for your kid.

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