Wednesday, February 27, 2008

7 years itch

Today's my 7th wedding anniversary. Been with the man for 14 years and signed the papers 7 years ago. That's it. No wedding dinner, no wedding ring, no nothing. And we're still together, blissful as ever with our two boys. The only thing we spent on is a set of wedding photos, and that's also 2 years after we signed the papers, lol.

We did not plan anything special for the day. But we'll take the kids out for an early dinner later on and camwhore like crazy, lol. And each time this year, my BIL is sure to call up and ask us if we want top up our term life insurance or not. Naw, bad time to ask us things like this. Try harder next time.


L B said...

Happy 7 year ITCH, and anniversary, Samm Samm Samm!!!

2crazydogs said...

Happy anniversary, Samm!

MahaguruSia said...

Where is the itch?!! LOL

Happy anniversary and many more years to come. :)