Thursday, February 28, 2008

I cooked bitter gourds with eggs today....

There's actually nothing much to do these days. So, i cooked a bit. Moreover, it's been raining lately and i really dont feel like leaving the house at all. So, after digging around my fridge, i found bitter gourds. Nope, soup is out since my kids wont touch it. Looks like it's homecooked bitter gourds with eggs for today. Oh, go take a look at it at my food blog, Organic Samm.

Malcolm may not like it but Gordon will whack anything that is cooked with eggs. As for the bitter gourds, easy lah. Pick them out and stuff them inside my mouth, gaotim. He's back and taking his bath now. I leave him inside the bathroom to play nowadays. Just gotta take a peek every now and then to make sure he doesnt drink the soap water his Grandma uses to soak her dirty clothes, lol.

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L B said...

I wish I can find bitter gourd at the supermarket here, but alas, no such joy.. I also wished you had posted up a picture so I can drool.. but no such joy either..