Monday, February 25, 2008

What Oscar ballot? What Oscar nominees?

I was up since 6am. Not a bad time to be up as long as i dont sit down and blog about Oscar nominees for Best Actresses in 2008, lol. It's just too bad for me Gordon chose to wake up at that ungodly hours and wants, milk lah, bang-bang lah, eggs lah, flied lice lah, tv lah, VCD lah, puzzles lah, book lah.... Tiu!!! I've done everything that any sane mom would have done for her kid, k.

Malcolm also dont want to lose out in the attention and demanded for nen. I gave him toast, i gave him egg, i gave him everything in between giving in to Gordon's incessant demands. No, hoh. This is not called spoiling my kids. This is called unconditional love.

So, now what. They are both down and out again.... phewwww. And i get to check out what Oscar ballot is for. So, what am i supposed to do with them? Fill them out and win a prize? Sure or not? Dont bluff me, weiiii. And damn. I'm hungry now. There's flied lice out at the kitchen and i'm gonna whack it all up now.......


Ann said...

Dropped by your other blogsite from simontalks site!

Love your short and expression filled entries.

Why do you maintain 2 blogs though?

Samm said...

Ann - thanks for dropping by. You only found 2 blogs. Congratulations. You really wouldnt want to know about the rest of the blogs that i have.