Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a waste of time

Tiu, i wasted 6 freaking hours at the mall today. Why? Cos i didnt know today's a public holiday and i sent my kid to school. Why? Cos i didnt check his schoolbag last night. Why? Cos i just clearly didnt bother to do that, nuff said. *makes mental note to remember to check Gordon's schoolbag for memos each day after school*

Since everyone's in the car and i took lappie out with me, we took him along with us to Parkson. And since he had nothing much to keep him busy, i went to Popular Bookstore and bought another Gigantic coloring book, a box of Buncho Twistable color pencils and also a box of Luna Twistable crayons. If not, i guarantee you hoh, we'll be on the way up the car park and back home in less than 30 minutes.

Why buy Twistables, haimai, when the normal ones will suffice. Cos my Mickey Boy will most likely break all the crayons into dunno how many pieces, and i may have to keep sharpening the wooden color pencils 90% of the time. WTF, cant win all the time. Money does buy some kinda sanity, so spend loh. If not, write paidposts for what wor, haimai.

Back to why spend 6 hours at the mall, haimai. Tiu, Malcolm fell asleep just as we finished lunch and i dont have the heart to wake him. So, took Gordon up to the Tea Gallery for Green tea ice-cream. We already spent 3 hours at Kopitiam. What's another hour or two at the Tea Gallery, hoh.

Gordon continued with his coloring, whilst i busied myself with my knitting. Yeah, i take my knitting everywhere. If not, how to finish 6 freaking projects wor, haimai. Hubby took the opportunity to read free books at Popular across from the Tea Gallery. Once Malcolm woke up, i'm hungry again and went down to Kopitiam AGAIN for an early dinner, lol. Home now. The End of another useful day. I'm sleepy jorrr.....

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