Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back from McDonald's :)

I just got back from McDonald's. And no, hoh. I didnt stuff the Prosperity Burger down my throat. I cannot imagine that huge piece of crap swimming inside me, lol. I had a bowl of curry noodles at the new food court behind instead. Ordered a huge Ice Kacang for Gordon but that monster wont eat a bite of it, sigh.... There after, took the kids over to play at the the playroom. Think we were there for half an hour before i've had enough of chasing after Mickey Boy.

Malcolm is still new to these places and dare not try anything much, lol..... chicken tou sei. I thought of buying a McEgg for Gordon but then, decided to make him Egg toast back home instead. Once home, bathed him, and i'm now nursing Malcolm who woke up the moment hubby put him down in bed. No chance to make the egg toast. MIL is cooking dinner now anyway. WE SHALL WAIT..............

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L B said...

No Prosperity Burger?!!!!!!