Friday, January 11, 2008

So, got toothache or not

My loukung's been complaining of toothache for the past week. So, he finally made up his mind to go see the dentist about it this morning. Asked me to go with him after Gordon goes to school. I said i will provided someone go pick him up after school at 2.30pm. MIL agreed and we went to Ipoh Garden. He then told me the pain's no longer there when we were about to reach Ipoh Garden and what to do, go Jusco lorrr.

Walked around aimlessly and bought a pack of Milidon 650 for his toothache, and also 4 pieces of cakes from Secret Recipe before we left for home. I tell you hoh, mark my words. Soon, there'll be another trip there and i'm gonna waste yet another useful day doing practically nothing but walk around. So, what would you do about the toothache? Cabut or not?


L B said...

NiaStar, all that planning and then to dodge it because suddenly no more pain?!! It will 100% come back, sooner or later!!

Lucy Liew said...

Toothache like that one la.. go and then come back, go see early la, maybe can save tooth. If not.. later then cabut already. Worse right?

Samm said...

lb - yayaya..... go curse his tooth. NOT MINE, so i no sked, hoh

lucy liew - yes, cabut or not also i dun care, but if waste my time once more, i cabut for him