Saturday, January 12, 2008

No more PR withdrawal symptoms for me :)

Happy tou sei. Some of my new blogs just got ranked. I saw 3 Pr2 blogs now and hopefully more in time to come. And no, hoh. Those arent for paid blogging. I have other means of monetizing them. 5 dead blogs is more than i can live with for the time being. And once my income is back to what i expect it to be, i'll get back my Pr for my 5 dead blogs. Not now, sigh. They still gotta work for me. But, i'm not going celebrate so soon cos knowing cilaka Google, who knows. They'll just go back down to a big fat zero overnight. *fingers and toes all crossed* So, i just do what i do best for the time being. Buy another dozen domains and launch them all, lol. Shopping time!!!

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