Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy days

It really doesnt take much to make me happy. For the first time in all my mothering life, Gordon called me "Mama" without me trying to get him to. It just came naturally. He knows how to call me, just that he doesnt want to for the past 4 years and 5 months. He even called "Papa" too.

Gordon is getting chatty these days. He watches a lot of English educational programs on TV and i guess that encouraged him to speak more. He can spell lots of words and i test him by letting him type it out on my pc. He doesnt like writing yet and will whine each time i seat him at the table and make him hold his pencil as i help him write.

It all takes time and lots and lots of patience. But as his mother, i understand him the most and knows how far he can go and what interests him more. So, if he likes to learn new things in a different way, i'll go with the flow. As long as he's happy and learns new things, i'm more than happy to teach and guide him. And yes, i've been hearing a lot of "Mama" these two days alone and i'm happy happy happy happy happy!!!!


Lucy Liew said...

I'm very happy for u. Mm sang, mm sang, hak lei yat kang hor? I'm still waiting for my Bryan to have a proper intelligent conversation with me.

Our Journey said...

i've been following your blog and happy for you that finally Gordon is calling you mama. I'm still waiting for my mickey mouse to come out and call me mama :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Good job Gordon :D Happy to hear that Samm :D