Thursday, December 20, 2007

I want a tooth whitening session!!!!

I was having tea with a few girlfriends the other day. We were having coffee. Though i dont fancy coffee, i dont mind drinking a cup whenever i'm out with them. I prefer tea anytime. Love its delicate flavor compared to the strong brew of coffee. We talked about many things. Of course, when women congregate, the topic on vanity always crops up. And this time, we touched on how to obtain that set of celebrity sparkling teeth, lol.

One of my girlfriend, Delia, went to visit a St. Petersburg Dentist and had a tooth whitening session. She bared her fangs at us and we were all amazed at how white they've become. She showed us some before and after pictures of her teeth and we are convinced that it made a whole lot of difference. And best of all, it took years off her face with just a simple procedure. I want to get one for myself too. The thought of looking so many years younger is just far too irresistible.

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