Thursday, November 08, 2007

We need a new TV Stand

If you were to drop by my place, you'll be surprised by what i put inside my tv cabinet. Many people ask me why i put my kids shoes in there, lol. You see, the glass pane on the doors broke a long time ago and my mother-in-law took all the decorative items out of it leaving it empty. Since the shoe cabinet is already fullhouse, my kid conveniently placed his there when he removed it. And this habit kinda stuck and we now have more than 5 pairs of his shoes in there.

Dont laugh, k. I know it's time i replace it with something new. It's just that most of the TV Stands i saw at our neighborhood's furniture store are downright old-fashioned and ugly. I want a modern TV Stand and also Audio Towers like the ones at Stands Online. Hubby's friend told us he got his from as they provide free shipping for all domestic orders.You must check it out if you want modern and high quality TV Stands. Do check the site out and you'll be amazed at all the TV Stands, Audio/Video Racks and Towers, Speaker Stands, Plasma/LCD Wall Mounts and Speaker mounts available there.

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