Thursday, November 08, 2007

Control your spending

It's not even end of the month yet and my cousin has busted all his credit card's limit. I told him he must control his spending and not buy every gadget that hits the stores. He must learn to compare prices before he swipes his card and to limit his spending to no more than 30% of his salary each month. Too bad he wouldnt listen and now, he needs some cash to settle those credit card bills that came in.

He asked me for help but i told him he must be responsible for his own doing. I went through that phase before when i first got my very first credit card. He says if i dont lend him the money, he has no choice but to apply for one of those No Fax Payday Loans to settle his bills. I told him to go ahead since the amount needed isnt much and they will most likely approve it quickly too. I reminded him again to keep his credit cards locked up inside a drawer when he goes shopping next time.

If you're in a money crisis, payday loans can help you get back on your feet by giving you money based on your current paycheck.

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