Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Professional document scanning service

My father-in-law needed a piece of his old financial records urgently and he asked me to help him contact the company he worked for more than 20 years ago to get it back for him. It's got something to do with his tax and if he's unable to produce it, he will be fined. I told him it's such a long time ago and those financial records may not be around anymore. He was prepared to pay the fine, but wanted to try his luck anyway. The company is still around, but many of the people he once worked with are no longer around. Even the bosses arent around anymore as their kids are running the business now.

He was surprised that he was able to get all his financial documents upon request as the company engaged a professional Document Scanning Service to scan all their documents into digital format many years ago. This is so that anyone who wishes to retrieve them will be able to do so. I'm so glad my father-in-law got his as this has saved him a lot of money. He now also wants to do the same with all his company important data and is considering getting the help of the same Document Scanning Service to help get it done for him. I hope he gets round to it soon as everything now is stored in boxes at the attic. If the rats decide to make it their home, everything will be destroyed.

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