Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Organic Samm

I know i havent posted a really sane post for quite some time. You see, i'm in the mood to cook. yeah, you heard me right. Samm cook worrr... be prepared to call the ambulance, LOL. Anyway, i went and bought a toaster oven a few days back cos i told hubby Gardenia's Toastem' tastes much better toasted and we dont have one. And that little oven set me off on another domain frenzy and here's the birth of yet another great blog, Organic Samm. I've been busy there these past few days, hence the lack of updates.

It will be another pet blog of mine apart from Fibre Art. I'm still in the midst of tweaking the stupid template. I like the design, but cant seem to get many of the codes right nor things to appear the way i want it to be. Anyway, do drop by and say hi lah, k. And the linkwhore in me is also on the prowl. So, link me, link me, link me!!! Gimme some ideas as to what you all would like to read there.... i'm lonely there all by myself....

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