Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Check out this social media portal called EarthFrisk

Mabel introduced me to Earth Frisk, a Social Media portal a few months ago. She asked to sign up as a member there but i did not as i found that it has nothing much to offer. Well, it's usual for a new site, right. Mabel beeped me again this morning and asked me to check them out again. I must say i'm pretty surprised that the number of members have grown. Mabel told me that members now have a chance to win up to $2000 in cash and prizes they are running. She says members get many different chances to win. It can be based on the most comments or submissions, best home page and also largest network of friends just to name a few. I'm more interested in their first prize which includes six months use of a virtual office that comes with real staff, office addresses, toll free telephone line, answering machine and other office facilities. If you're starting out in your first business venture, you may want to join this.

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