Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do you want to sell off your structured settlements?

My girlfriend called me up with some very good news today. She told me her husband just won the lottery. They been playing the lottery for years and this is the first time they've hit the jackpot. I've bought many lottery tickets over the years and havent even struck once, lol. Maybe it's just my luck. Or more like i dont have the luck for winning the lottery at all. My uncle won the lottery once, but it's not the first prize. But still, that's good compared to someone who've not won anything before, right. Maybe it's just me, i dont have much luck when it comes to lottery or gambling. I lose all the time.

She told me they are now looking for a company that can help them convert their Lottery Winnings into a one-off Lump Sum Cash payment. She says a friend introduced them to a company called Stone Street Capital, that will help convert their lottery winnings or contest payments into lump sum cash. Their services are designed to fit the unique financial needs of lottery and contest winners by giving them a lump sum for lottery winning payouts. They were told that they have many options when it comes to receiving their lottery winnings as lump sum cash. Some of their Signature Services includes the Classic Lump Sum to the 0% QuickCash Loan, which allows them to immediate access to their lottery winnings. Another friend of mine sold off his Structured Settlement through them too. If you have Structured Settlements and you want a lump sum cash for them, you may also want to contact Stone Street Capital for a quote.

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