Sunday, November 04, 2007

Do you have a bad credit score?

I was at Parkson yesterday to view the new Toyota Vios. I like the car very much and told hubby that i may buy this next year. He told me to go take a look at our new national car, the Proton Persona as it's 30k cheaper. It's a lot of difference and for someone who has family to support. But then, it does make an ideal and affordable family car. It's just too bad that it's not a completely new design, but an upgraded version of the Gen-2. My sister-in-law owns the Gen-2 and she's been complaining about the car since the day she bought it.

I have a friend who drives the Gen2 also. He wants to change his car too but is having problem meeting up with his current monthly repayment. Sometimes, the bank calls him or sends him reminder letters for his repayment. I told him if this continue, he may have difficulty getting loan when he wants to buy a house or apply for a personal loan next time as he now has a bad credit score. Another friend of mine had the same problem but she managed to obtain a loan at She used to be like my friend last time but now, she's making payments on time, and rebuilding her credit and financial future.

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