Sunday, November 04, 2007

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Someone gave my mother-in-law some dtox foot patches when he got to know that she has trouble sleeping at night. My mother-in-law suffers from chronic insomnia and hasnt been sleeping well for years. I told her she has a lot of toxins inside her body. Moreover, she drinks cups and cups of coffee each and that certainly worsen her sleeping problem even more. Too bad she refuse to listen to me and continued with her caffeine addiction. She seldom takes nutritional products and prefers to visit her doctor for medication instead. I told her unless she gives her body a good detox, nothing much will work ion her favor.

Anyway she tried out the dtox foot patch and found that it drew out a lot of toxins from the soles of her feet the next morning. She will put them on her soles each night before bedtime and remove them in the morning and she was really surprised that her sleep is getting better by the day. She has a feeling that it is the dtox foot patch that's helping her. She told me to get her more from since it worked for her. I havent tried it myself as i dont have trouble sleeping. I only need more sleeping hours. But if you have sleeping problem, you may want to try the dtox foot patches out for yourself.

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