Thursday, November 08, 2007


Have you ever been to a nursing home before? I went to one with a friend of mine as he had to deliver something there. His old aunt has been living there in a nearby nursing home for years since her children all went overseas to work. They seldom come back to visit her and it's my friend who took care of most of her needs. The nursing home she lives in would call him every now and then when his aunt refuse to eat or take her bath. She's a bit senile and requires constant care.

The nursing home i went to is a well run establishment with nurses and caretaker tending to about a dozen residents. Her children will send money back to the nursing to help pay for their mother's necessities and monthly fees. But i think it's much better for them to come back and visit her more instead of leaving her all alone. My friend in England also told me his mom wants to move to a nursing home soon. Anyone who wish to locate a good nursing for themselves or their loved ones may want to check out Bettercaring. They aill provide with all the answers that they need.

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J. Wilson said...

I love the self description you have on the side of your blog. Also, your 'comment' line is very original with the 'balls of yarn' bit. Well, here's a ball of yarn for you. I have, too, been to a nursing home. I enjoy going to give the residents gifts, or read stories.

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