Tuesday, November 06, 2007

High quality TV wall mounting bracket

You know what happened to my friend's new plasma TV. They bought a huge 40" model a couple of months ago but did not have it mounted onto the wall. They placed it on top of their TV cabinet and didnt secure it well. What happened was someone left the window which was right behind their plasma TV open and forgot to shut it during the night. There was a thunderstorm and strong wind too. It toppled over and was destroyed. Since they did not buy insurance for it, they had to foot out more money to get a new one.

I blame it on the salesman as he didnt not inform them on the consequence of placing their plasma TV on their cabinet. He should have told them to mount it on their wall using one of these quality tv wall mounting bracket which can be bought from dekomount.com. You sure wouldnt want your priced plasma TV falling the TV cabinet like what happened to my friend, right. SO, do check the store out and get hold of one or two for your Plasma or LCD TV.

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