Friday, November 02, 2007

Buying a new laptop

Hubby just told me that his company is selling off all the laptops. And that includes the one that i'm suing right now. I told him if the price is right i may buy it over from the company and that will save me a lot of money. I need to get a replacement as i take the laptop out with me when i go out. I'm a fulltime blogger and god forbids that i leave my blogs behind, lol. They go with me everywhere that i go.

Now, i'm not banking on whether i'll get to buy it from the company or not with their policies and such. Instead, i'm now looking for a new laptop at Save Buckets, a new price comparison site. Save Bucks has appeared in several notable news sites, including Channel 4 news since its launch and you may want to check the site out for yourself. I hope to find my dream laptop there soon. It'll be my Christmas present!!

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